Opening new horizons


At times in our lives we feel stuck – unable to realise our potential, to see our way through a difficult situation or to change negative behaviours.

Organisations too sometimes falter and need to transform themselves. At times like this their leaders must create an environment in which change can occur.

At the individual level, engaging in a coaching conversation provides the space to stop, reflect and recalibrate. It helps you question your assumptions, explore your values and draw on your inner resources to reach the outcome you want.

Changing organisations is about engaging the hearts and minds of the teams and individuals who drive performance. It’s often about changing culture and the behaviours that define it. This is always a tough challenge but one of the most rewarding endeavours an organisation can undertake.

Sally-Anne Airey is an executive coach who supports individuals and organisations to engage with change successfully. Together with her clients she co-develops a plan to translate intentions into effective actions.

Based in the French Alps, Sally-Anne works with corporate and individual clients all over Europe.

“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do,
and liking how you do it”

Maya Angelou