Unlock your potential


I am a skilled coach and change facilitator who creates a safe space for individuals and organisations to explore their potential through open and empowering conversation.

Client-led conversations exploring your aspirations
I am a thinking partner who meets you as an equal, listens deeply, and challenges what I hear. I encourage you to reflect and ask yourself questions.

Direct, but not directive
Answers are co-created, not delivered. Expect insightful observation and feedback, and a powerful intention to enable you to harness your own abilities for success.

Simple, but not simplistic
The process is pragmatic, not complicated, and can be fun! Together we find ways to overcome the inner barriers that may be limiting your potential.

I am a mindfulness practitioner who creates a conversational space where the focus is completely on you. I bring my full, centred presence to every coaching conversation. This helps me to be perceptive, balanced and non-judgemental.

Solutions Focused
I create solution-friendly conversations that focus people’s attention on their strengths, resources and creative possibilities.

“Sally-Anne creates a friendly atmosphere full of trust where you can be open and honest. She activates new ideas and thoughts, guiding you through a process of positive change.”
BW, Project Management Consultant, Moscow

Getting started

Your coaching relationship with Sally-Anne Airey begins with a no-obligation chemistry meeting to discuss working together.
A coaching programme normally consists of 4-6 sessions, each lasting up to 2 hours, over a period of a few weeks or months.

To find out more, contact Sally-Anne.

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and freedom.”
Viktor Frankl