Change from within

I believe in limitless human potential, in people’s infinite capacity to generate fulfilling lives for themselves and others. I value honesty, compassion, trust, kindness and simplicity.

Multiple influences have shaped my approach: the ideas of thinkers and practitioners in various fields; experience of diverse cultural contexts; living and working in different parts of the world; and my practical experience of what works for people.

My professional life has been all about people, starting with a long career as an officer in the Royal Navy. In reaching the rank of Commander, I became skilled in personal and professional development and I learned how to adapt to difficult situations and changing circumstances. I developed a core philosophy and values which enable me to help others make sense of their world.

“Sally-Anne’s approach attends sensitively to the whole person, she asks powerful questions, and brings her expertise in the field of professional development into her coaching. I deepened my emotional and social intelligence giving me the stronger base I needed to be more effective in my work.”
FA, Transformational Coach and Coach Supervisor, UK

In over 10 years as a professional coach, I have worked with leaders in multinational corporations, investment banks, government departments, universities, legal firms and charities, as well as private clients from a range of backgrounds.

I trained as a coach with The OCM, Oxford, and enjoy working with them as an associate coach. I am a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD). My coaching practice is aligned to the professional ethical standards of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC). As a coach I hold rigorously to the principle of client confidentiality.

“The more we nourish our internal world, the more powerful we grow in the external world”
Susan L. Taylor


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